Hello there!

My name is Christophe Phillips. Working at the University of Liège, I am FRS-FNRS Research Director at the GIGA Institute but also Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (aka. Montefiore Institute), University of Liège, Belgium.

My research focuses on the development of methods for the processing of neuroimaging data, within the GIGA-in silico medicine and GIGA-CRC in vivo imaging research units.

See here under for more details about my research interests, publications (and other output) and collaborations. A more or less complete CV is available here.


Here at the CRC we deal with all sort of data: imaging (all flavours of MRI and PET), electrophysiology (mainly EEG), actimetry, and clinical scores


Uni- & multivariate statistics, plus machine learning applications

Quantitative MRI (qMRI) and the processing of these data for the study of neurodegenerative diseases (AD, PD, MS)

Data standardization & organization

For reproducible and replicable science, one need to be able to easily make sense of the data available. This requires a proper standradization and organization of the data. BIDS may be part of the solution.


Here is the output of my work and that of my collaborators.


From ORBI, ULiege's Open Repository with all the publications in open access

From Google Scholar

From ORCiD


I gave a few talks and presentations...

One day Educational Course on "Machine Learning for NeuroImaging" for the OHBM conference in 2020 but also in 2018.


I am involved in the development of several toolboxes: SPM, PRoNTo, hMRI, FASST.

Other bits of codes are available on the CRC GitHub or Gitlab pages. Note that the latter is hosted on the ULiege server.

Supervised students

Since 2008 I have (co-)supervised about lab internships, master thesis (17), and PhD thesis (11 completed and 5 ongoing).

If you are interested in my work and consider joining the lab, feel free to contact me!

Posters @ conferences

From ORBI, here is the list of conference contributions.


Friends, colleagues, etc.